We focus on providing exceptional waterproofing solutions for most commercial applications, including:

Parking Decks

  • Deck coating
  • Structural concrete and steel repair and reinforcement
  • Epoxy crack injection

  • Double T connection repair and reinforcement

  • Bearing pad replacement

  • Corrosion repair and prevention

  • Structural component repair or replacement

  • Expansion joint replacement

  • Sealant replacement

  • Specialty coating and painting
  • Traffic striping

  • Drain installation

  • Pedestrian traffic bearing coatings

  • Vehicular traffic bearing coatings

Exterior Building Services

  • Sealant and caulking repair and installation

  • Architectural coatings and painting

  • Historical restoration

  • Concrete repair (above and below grade)

  • Full waterproofing analysis for all new construction applications

  • Bentonite waterproofing

  • Hot rubberized asphalt membranes

  • Heat Weld PVC Membranes

  • Self-adhering sheet membranes

  • Cold applied rubberized asphalt membranes

  • Chemical grouting

  • Drainage repair, drainage installation

Masonry Services

  • Masonry retrofit anchoring and stabilization

  • Thru Wall Flashing

  • Brick and stone repair and maintenance

  • Historic restorations

  • Tuck Pointing

  • Small Rebuilds and Repairs

  • Beaming

  • Masonry Stitching

Facade Safety Netting

  • Structural stabilization

We welcome the opportunity to bid on existing structure and new construction projects. If you would like to receive a bid from us, please contact us. If you have an emergency and need a prompt response, please call 800-524-9734.